Lake Erie Steelhead

The links below will show you a few locations of streams that would be worth checking out if you are in search of them hard fighting Steelhead.

4 Mile Creek

This can be a nice little place to fish if the crowd is somewhere else.  Access can be tough and watch where you park.,-80.022472&spn=0.004033,0.009345&t=h&z=17&vpsrc=6&msa=0&msid=206145026555435591657.0004cd133980a40292015

20 Mile Creek

Some of the best Steelhead fishing can be done on 20 mile.  Parking is just of Rt. 5 and there is a good trail all the way to the mouth.,-79.781213&spn=0.001006,0.002336&t=h&z=19&vpsrc=6

16 Mile Creek

This is a small stream that is worth fishing if water flows are up.,-79.832073&spn=0.002013,0.004672&t=h&z=18&vpsrc=6

Elk Creek

These are just 2 of the many locations to check out if fishing Elk Creek.

1.  Legion Hole

2. The Tubes,-80.361183&spn=0.000505,0.001168&t=h&z=20&vpsrc=6

If your not sure where to go Steelhead fishing try these locations out.  Don’t be afraid to venture away from the crowds and search for fish.  Good Luck and let B.C.I know how you did after your next Steelhead trip.


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