Presentations and Seminars

Bug Chuckers Inc. would like to thank the groups and clubs that opened their doors to us in 2012.  We are now scheduling presentation and seminars for 2013.  If your club or group is looking for a great show give us a shout.  We offer a great fly tying, rod building, rafting, fly casting, and our biggest hit, Western Maryland  presentations.  We also can customize a presentation to your wants just let us know what you are thinking and will rock it.  Below is a break down of what each presentation or seminar would consist of.  All presentations are free unless you can and are willing to donate to our great fund of being trout bums, any thing helps to cover our bar tab.

Fly Tying – Our Fly Tying presentation consists of tying patterns that are B.C.I favorites.  Anything from size 22 midges to 1/0 streamers and everything in between.  This year for 2012 we are focused on using a lot of Martin Bawden Fish Skull products.  Depending on the time and the crowd we can accommodate you with many patterns by having several tiers at once.

Rod Building – The rod building presentation is a number of how to steps.  We would first start off on a quick overview of rod building. Secondly, we would show you how find the spine of the rod.  Third, we would show you how to set the real seat and the cork handle. Fourth, we would explain how to measure for your guide spacings.  Fifth, we would show you how to wrap your guides.  Lastly, we would demonstrate the proper way to clear/finish the rod.  This is our rod building presentation in a nut shell but if you have a group of people interested that are beginners its a great little seminar to learn a lot.  This presentation needs to be at least 1 hour plus to cover all the steps.

Rafting/Rowing – If you or a group of your buddies have been thinking about buying yourselves some rafts but not sure how to put it together or actually row let us help.  This is a presentation where we actually bring a one man pontoon raft to you.  We show the basics on what the raft is made out of and how to install.  We give you an idea and explain how durable and what you can actually do with these rigs.  We have some home made videos that we show to explain the steps you need to take when beginning rafting.  We let you sit on the raft and get behind the oars to explain rowing procedures.  This is a seminar that is best done on the water and when its warm.

Fly Casting – This presentation is to teach beginner fly casters and to give tips to intermediate level casters.  B.C.I co-founders are not Fly Fishing Federation casters by any means but we do know how to throw a fly.  We ask that you bring your own rod to cast with and we would have several on hand as well for you to cast if we notice that your rod is to fast or slow for your technique.  Sometimes beginners start out with a rod that does not match there casting style as a beginner so we set you up to see what rod fits you the best.  This makes the learning and the practicing all come together better.  We can show you several types of casts and explain to you about fly lines, leaders, tippets, and much more.

Western Maryland – The western Maryland presentation has been a big hit.  We discuss the times to go, where to go, how to get there, what to use, what to expect, and much more.  We talk about places to stay for lodging along with good food joints and other amenities.  We really focus on the Savage, North Branch, Yough, and brook trout streams.  What really makes the presentation a hit is our 30 minute video of Western Maryland where we filmed the adventures and good times of our 2011 season down there.  We commentate during the video explaining where we are at and what we are using to catch some of the nicest fish in Western Maryland.  We offer hatch charts to these waters and have maps to point out all the hot spots.


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