Here is where we’ll show you only some of the spots we fish



Lower Savage

Get yourself to Western Maryland and Savage River Road.  The Savage is accessible from the Road for the majority of its run from the dam outflow to where it meets up with the North Branch of the Potomac River.  The PhD hole is a classic deep pool with easy bridge crossing access.  The fish can be pretty tough here, but a stonefly nymph along the bottom is day saver here.

Then there is 7x flats.  Here you discover the true prowess of your angling abilities.  You will see dozens of fish, some of them will be big fish, but they are picky, smart and scared half to hell most of the time.  Then there are days when you see them rising to a hatch where the adult is larger than the head of a pin.  On these day, oh yes, on these days, you will be repaid for all of your past beatings along the river.

From 7x flat to the dam is every bit of a mile, and there is a ton of pocket water in that stretch.  Beat your head in on 7x flat, then start moving toward the dam.  There is a hiking trail, somewhat marked the entire length opposite the road side of the stream.

Bring a tent and sleeping bag, there is a great $5 a night campground on her banks.


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