Are you Ready????

This is the time of year when most Fly Fishers are going crazy from cabin fever.  I have to admit I fall under this group, but we have to remember there can be a lot done before you hit the water.  Being prepared and having your gear ready to go may give you a good start […]

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The Cabin Fever Itch

B.C.I was recently at Cabin Fever, a fly fishing show in Western PA and would like to thank everyone that stop by to talk or to buy some of the great items we had.  This was the second year we were set up at the show.  It was good to see that we had fellow […]

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The Kryptonite Leech

The Kryptonite Leech is this months fly and will be the featured at Cabin Fever this Sunday.  This pattern was created by combining several similar patterns together.  I began fishing this pattern when I lived in Alaska and as you see above I had to use the custom-built Pebble Mine sign.  I have used this […]

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Ghosts of Erie

Two of the Bug Chuckers Inc. co-founders took a midnight run to give it a go at the Ghosts of Erie.  Steelhead ghosts that is.  They rolled into a Quality Inn around 1:00 a.m only to have the desk clerk tell us are room # was 231 and that was the gay room.  The first thing […]

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A Look at B.C.I Fall Trip

Browns, Brooks, and Bows were all caught this past weekend while 3 B.C.I brothers camped out on the banks of the Savage.  Ryan, Steve-O, KG, and Lulu “B.C.I mascot” ventured into western MD on Friday to set up camp and to chuck bugs.  It’s always a good feeling when you know your B.C.I brothers are […]

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