Once in a Lifetime

When I awoke, I was standing on the stream bank with a 3wt in my hand and something shaking the end of the line.  Realizing it was a fish, I land the beautiful ten inch brown trout.  I kneel down to release her back into the water and watch the amber gem swim away.  

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A Bug Chucker’s Lounge

My god, life gets in the way, and the weather has sucked.  It has been a long hard winter, streams have been frozen solid in the negative unholy temperatures.  That’s lead to virtually zero fishing…and very few posts on here.  I haven’t even had much time behind the vice…that’s about to change. About a month […]

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It’s a Slippery Slope

It always starts so innocently.  Lets go fishing.  Sure.  I’m getting tired of night crawlers and Roostertails, those guys with the fly rods seem to be having fun.  The first few rods and reels serve you well for a while.  But, eventually, they no longer satisfy you.  The guys in the magazines are fishing with […]

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The Year Starts. Slowly

Some winters you live in perpetual white.  Bookend in December until bookend in March, an almost constant accumulation of white on the ground.  These winters you accept hibernation as the natural course.  You begrudge the near daily shoveling and salting.  You give up on keeping the floors pristine as the constant tracking in of snow, […]

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A Bug Chucker Film Review

Chances are, that if you’re reading this blog you have at least some level of interest in fly fishing.  Since you’re actively reading a blog you must thirst for some additional form of angling stimulation other than the act itself of fly fishing.  If that is the case, you’re like me and really enjoy a […]

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Summer Gives Way to Fall

It creeps in one night through an open window while you’re trying to sleep and wakes you up shivering at 3am reaching for another blanket.  It happens again the next night and finally on the third you close the window before bed time.  It slowly corrodes the green leaves on the trees into a tabby […]

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Compleat BCI

I promised a post about Izaak Walton for his 419th birthday.  I needed a reference point from where to get the right influence to write such a post.  I found it in a quick overnight trip to the Savage this past weekend.  None of the other guys could make it, even though Adam had threatened […]

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