A Bug Chucker’s Lounge

My god, life gets in the way, and the weather has sucked.  It has been a long hard winter, streams have been frozen solid in the negative unholy temperatures.  That’s lead to virtually zero fishing…and very few posts on here.  I haven’t even had much time behind the vice…that’s about to change.

About a month ago, the lady and I decided to move out of the city and into the the burbs near my office.  The city is cool, but the commute was god awful.  Now, I’m five minutes from work.  The new place is nice, bigger, two car garage, fire place and a wood stove.  But what’s the best part?  I have claim to the entire finished basement.  13’x 20′ of my own sanctuary for all of my stuff, and things.  Once the offer was accepted I began planning how I wanted to best use the space.  I hate the term man cave, or man room, I wanted a Bug Chucker’s lounge.  A place where the BCI crew could gather, tie flies, tell stories, drink ourselves stupid while the significant others and designated drivers could enjoy the the rest of the house outside of earshot from us.  I have the place about 90% finished and want to share.

The priorities:

Tying Space

tying table 014

Photo/Video Area and Tying Storage

tying and video 015Gear and Beer

work zone 020Wine, Brown and Clear Liquors

booze 016Warmth

wood burner 017Relaxation

guest tie 019 bench view 018

Everything is placed pretty much where it needs to be.  Some more art and photos need to go up on the walls.  The records need a home, but all in all, the lounge is ready.  Yeah, the tying bench is way too clean, but that’s about to change as soon as I’m done with this post.

I completely neglected to post our latest video on here, I fixed that below.

The weather will break soon, so make ready for another season!



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