Hanging with the guys from Upper St Clair Fly Fishing Club

This past week KG and I spent an evening with our old friends at the Upper St Clair Fly Fishing Club in Pittsburgh’s south hills.  We chatted with them about soft hackles, streamers and some of our favorite blue lines in western Maryland.  For the guys that were there and for those who couldn’t be there, below are the patterns we tied and the quick video we showed.

Partridge and Olive


Hook:  TMC100 or equiv

Thread:  8/0 Olive UniThread

Body:  Olive Single Strand Floss

Abdomen:  Tan dubbing

Hackle:  Partridge

BWO Waterdrop Soft Hackle


Hook:  TMC2487 or equiv

Thread:  8/0 Olive UniThread

Trailing Shuck:  Dun Z-lon

Body:  BWO Turkey Biot

Overbody:  Loon UV Fly Finish Flow

Abdomen:  Peacock Krystal Flash

Over Abdomen:  Loon UV Fly Finish Thin

Hackle:  Partridge

KG’s Articulated Baitfish


Hook:  Sz 2 Gamakatsu B10S Streamer Hook

Shank:  Mustad 34007 cut at bend of hook

Hook to shank connection:  30lb Dacron backing

Conehead:  1/8oz or XL Fish eye cone

Thread:  Danville Flymaster Plus White

Tail:  Grizzly Marabou and Pearl Flashabou

Body:  Pearl Cactus Chenille

Collar:  Ice dubbing and White Marabou

We’ve been dormant for a while…  But that’s about to change.  Stay tuned for a new lay out and some more new content.



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