Expedition Fairfax Stone: Part 1

What’s around the next bend in the river?  What’s over the next hill?  These questions plague us anglers.  The prospects of new water with prolific hatches, large trout and little pressure are the primary reasons why we choose to leave our loved and learned favorite waters and beats.  This past saturday lured by the the […]

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Summer Gives Way to Fall

It creeps in one night through an open window while you’re trying to sleep and wakes you up shivering at 3am reaching for another blanket.  It happens again the next night and finally on the third you close the window before bed time.  It slowly corrodes the green leaves on the trees into a tabby […]

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New Water

Every now then you need to stop and think about why adventure is so important to fly fishing.  All of us at B.C.I can agree that the adventure is finding or discovering new water that held different species of fish, mainly trout.  Don’t get me wrong it’s always an adventure when you travel somewhere for […]

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Not so Savage of a Winter

So, this winter has been very forgiving to say the least.  It only sucked if you’re really into skiing or ice fishing, however it has been very generous to fishing.  Ryan was off, I was off, KG was in Amish country, Adam and Greg had to work.  Sorry boys, but Ryan and I couldn’t pass […]

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In the past few weeks of fly tying I decided to experiment with the Fish Skulls on some older productive patterns. As you can see from above, they add serious realizm to just about any baitfish pattern. If you have already tried them out, you probably already know this. If not, you should definitely try […]


Brook Trout News

To follow up on what Ryan was talking about last week I just wanted to share a couple events coming up involving Bug Chuckers, Inc’s favorite trout and subject for our upcoming film project, the Eastern Brook Trout.

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