Sulfuring Spring Creek

Another long hiatus from blog updates, lets pick up back where we left off…

Spring Creek

Morning came quick after the big night on the Little J.  KG and I cleaned up our squatters camp, and hit the river one last time.  After the feast the night before on monster bugs, the fish seemed to have completely disappeared.  Cutting our losses for the morning, we hopped in the rig and made our way up to Happy Valley.

A quick stop at Ottos for lunch and a growler fill, then to TCO to restock on Green Drakes and fly dope.  From there we went to the Fisherman’s Paradise section of Spring creek.  This was my first time to Spring Creek, but PSU alumni, KG was at home.  It was interesting to see the park setting on this stretch of this fabled limestone stream.  It was also a little strange.  Park benches along the stream?  Yup, but something I’ll appreciate when my legs no longer support me wading big water.


Further down the walking trail back into the woods we dropped in to wade.  I missed a few fish and couldn’t bring any to hand, but KG showed his skills.  He landed a handful of wild brown trout in this technical section.  We putzed around a little more then went to another section of spring creek.

Spring Creek-4

This next stretch was a delight.  We caught the fading day into night here and a few fish.  A few Sulfurs were winging their way around when we got there, but the fish were not very interested.  As the early June sun fell lower, just behind the tops of the trees, the fish suddenly took notice of the hatching Sulfurs.  Quickly we began to catch brown trout after brown trout.

Spring Creek-5

Spring Creek-6

We fished this way until our head lamps could no longer find our little dry flies on the surface of the water.  Contented, we grabbed a pizza and headed up the road to crash at Kevin’s cousin’s place they operate as a B&B during PSU football season.  It was also attached to a funeral home.  We gott in the old house, cracked open the Growler from Ottos and then crushed the pizza.  We slept well that night, but no ghosts or creepiness  which was mildly disappointing, though the fresh bed and a shower were greatly appreciated.

Spring Creek-3

The next day we woke up and pointed the Tundra north and east, to the Delaware.


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