Sulfuring Spring Creek

Another long hiatus from blog updates, lets pick up back where we left off… Morning came quick after the big night on the Little J.  KG and I cleaned up our squatters camp, and hit the river one last time.  After the feast the night before on monster bugs, the fish seemed to have completely […]

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Strong Start to the Summer

What happens in the span of some months is inconsequential, some months much more happens.  As you get older you feel more for the months and time that gets written off.  You also recognize the time that becomes priceless and you know immediately that they are burnt indelibly into your mind’s deep recesses, never to […]

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B.C.I Western Maryland Trip

When you take adventurous trips in life you never experience the full side of them until they are over.  We get caught up with everything that is going on during and really don’t just sit back, kick it and take it in sometimes.  B.C.I rocked another group trip to Western Maryland a few weeks ago […]

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The Kryptonite Leech

The Kryptonite Leech is this months fly and will be the featured at Cabin Fever this Sunday.  This pattern was created by combining several similar patterns together.  I began fishing this pattern when I lived in Alaska and as you see above I had to use the custom-built Pebble Mine sign.  I have used this […]

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The Year Starts. Slowly

Some winters you live in perpetual white.  Bookend in December until bookend in March, an almost constant accumulation of white on the ground.  These winters you accept hibernation as the natural course.  You begrudge the near daily shoveling and salting.  You give up on keeping the floors pristine as the constant tracking in of snow, […]

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College Waters

Wow folks it’s been a crazy summer for this bug chucker.  I apologize to you, our followers; I have not been providing you guys with the KG blogs that you deserve.   Since the guiding slowed down I have been able to fish a few times.  I had the opportunity to hit Spring Creek up in […]

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Compleat BCI

I promised a post about Izaak Walton for his 419th birthday.  I needed a reference point from where to get the right influence to write such a post.  I found it in a quick overnight trip to the Savage this past weekend.  None of the other guys could make it, even though Adam had threatened […]

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