A Bug Chucker’s Lounge

My god, life gets in the way, and the weather has sucked.  It has been a long hard winter, streams have been frozen solid in the negative unholy temperatures.  That’s lead to virtually zero fishing…and very few posts on here.  I haven’t even had much time behind the vice…that’s about to change. About a month […]

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The Kryptonite Leech

The Kryptonite Leech is this months fly and will be the featured at Cabin Fever this Sunday.  This pattern was created by combining several similar patterns together.  I began fishing this pattern when I lived in Alaska and as you see above I had to use the custom-built Pebble Mine sign.  I have used this […]

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Cabin Fever

Bug Chuckers Inc. with Wilderness Voyageurs this Sunday at Cabin Fever   Just wanted to let everyone know that Bug Chuckers Inc. will be set up at Cabin Fever this coming Sunday March 4th at the Sheraton Four Points in Cranberry.  This is Western PA biggest fly fishing show.  Dale Kotowski from Wilderness Voyageurs was […]

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In the past few weeks of fly tying I decided to experiment with the Fish Skulls on some older productive patterns. As you can see from above, they add serious realizm to just about any baitfish pattern. If you have already tried them out, you probably already know this. If not, you should definitely try […]


Articulated Hareball Leech

Fast, Easy, Effective, and Fun pattern is the Articulated Hareball Leech “AHL”.  This pattern was introduced to me when I lived and fished in Alaska.  This is a common pattern up there and as you fish your way back East it starts to be just a pattern you see in books or on the web […]

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